Is Sri Lanka going to Ban Burqa in their Country ?

Is Sri Lanka going to Ban Burqa in their Country ?

At Present there is a Big Conversation in Sri Lanka Community about Ban Burqa in Sri Lanka.This Conversation is Started because of Some Speech of a SriLanka Minister.The Foundation for this Conversation is Easter Sunday Attack which was happened in April of 2019.The Terrorists who did that Attack used Burqa to travel hidden from Security Services of SriLanka.

So After Lot of Inspections of this Attack Started a Conversation among People to Ban Burqa in SriLanka.In Past We didn’t See Problems like this.But Now Our Traditions are Changing & People’s thinking is being dangerous.In this Situation People(Terrorists) don’t think about Our Traditions.

However according to my thinking most of Srilanka People think that Burqa must be Ban.Following this Past Days a Minister Said that He was signed to Cabinet Paper which was according to Ban Burqa in Sri Lanka.

But that Cabinet Paper not submitted in Last (15) Cabinet Meeting.Government Sources says that Cabinet Paper will submit in Next Cabinet Meeting.

Leaders’ Attitudes

After Last Cabinet Meeting (15),

“No cabinet paper was brought regarding the burqa. It was not even discussed”

Minister SM Chandrasena

Government saying that they’re still discussing about the decision.Today (16) at the Press Conference Minister Keheliya Rambukwalla Commented about this.

“The issue of the burqa was discussed at length. We especially discussed the events that took place on Easter Sunday and the cultural changes that have taken place in the last 10 or 15 years. Recognition as Sri Lankans for many years, there was no problem with that coexistence. In recent times, cultural elements have begun to change. We have come to the conclusion that it should be done in a hurry and not in a hurry”

Minister Keheliya Rambukwalla

Pakistan Statement about Ban Burqa

Also Pakistan government is worried about Sri Lanka going to Ban Burqa.High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri lanka tweeted in his Twitter Account & saying that Banning Burqa will Harmful to Worldwide Muslim People’s Feelings.

Today (16) after attending a occasion Minister Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekera said ,

“Yes, it is being discussed. We are not acting like the government of Pakistan. As our government wants. There is a lot of work to be done after discussions in the cabinet and going to Parliament. So let’s see how the future responds to this”

In the Meantime Sri Lanka Ministry of Foreign Affairs issuing announcement & saying that The Government of Sri Lanka isn’t took any decision about Ban Burqa in Srilanka & it is a suugestion Under Discussion.

However The Government is Starting a deep discussion with People who related for this, then take time & will come to the Best Solution.

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