How to Create the Top Ranking Gig on Fiverr?

How to Create the Top Ranking Gig on Fiverr?

If you want to get passive income from Fiverr, you have to Create the Top Ranking Gig on Fiverr First Page. It is not easy because there are established sellers in every category now. So you have to Create the Best Gig & SEO for your Gig.

Fiverr is a most leading platform for Freelancers. If you have any skills, you get income by selling your skills on Fiverr.

But at present 90% of New Sellers do not know How to Create the Top Ranking Gig on Fiverr. So today I am going to discuss that Simply & Shortly.

How to Create a Good Gig on Fiverr ?

How Fiverr Algorithm works :

Fiverr algorithm is a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. When You entered some keywords into a search engine, it finds the best matching results for you.

So We have to Create Our Fiverr gig, SEO Friendly.


01. Identify Your Category

Fiverr Includes over 500 Categories under 9 Main Categories.

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Data
  • Business
  • LifeStyle

First Identify your Skills & Choose your Category through it. If you have Skills in Graphic Designing, you can choose Graphics & Design Category.

If You have Programming Skills, You can choose Programming & Tech Category.

02. Choose Your Subcategories

For Example, if you’re a Graphic Designer, You have a lot of Subcategories you can choose from.

Fiverr Subcategories
Subcategories in Graphic Designing

Choose your Subcategories according to your Skills.

03. Create Good Profile

When a Buyer is going to place an order, he/she will definitely visit your Profile to Confirm that you’re a Best Service Provider & You have much skill set to Complete buyer’s Jobs.

So you have to create Best Fiverr Profile & Earn Buyer’s Trust.

Write a good Description, Add a Genuine Profile Picture, Add your Skills, etc. to your Profile & make it better.

03. Search for your Main Keyword

After chosen the SubCategory, You have the main keyword for your Gig.

For Example, if you’re a Flyer Designer, Your Main Keyword is Flyer Design.

Then go to Fiverr Search Bar & Search for your Main Keyword.

Flyer design fiverr

04. Analize Competitors to Rank your Gig on the first page in Fiverr

Open Top 10 Gigs

When you Search your Keyword, you can see a List of Gig Results under your Main Keyword.

Open First 10 Gigs which are in First Page Results.

1. Gig Title

Copy Titles

Open a Word Document or Notepad. Then Copy Titles of Gigs which you opened early.

Paste them in Word Document or Notepad.

Analyze Gig Titles

Now Analyze those titles, Then you can see that Some Words are used more than once.

Note Down those Words. You can See your keywords are also included in these words.

Create a Best Title

Create a Best Attractive Gig Title with chosen Words & Keywords.

2. Gig Description

After Open Top 10 Gigs, you can See Descriptions of those Gigs.

Read all of them.

Identify What they’re talking about & How they’re using Keywords.

Give Unique services for your Buyers which other sellers aren’t giving.

Create Unique Description.

3. Fiverr Tags

Fiverr Tags are the Main factor for Fiverr Gig Ranking. Tags are related to your Main Category & Subcategories.

So you have to wisely your Tags with your gig.

Your Competitors will help with this also.

Copy Tags

Go to Competitors Gigs & Scroll Down.

At the bottom, you can see Tags that are used by your Competitor.

Note Down those Tags in Word Document or Notepad.

Do this for all of 10 Competitors.

Analyze Tags

Then Analyze those Tags & Find 5 Tags which used mostly by your competitors.

Use those Tags as your Gig’s Tags.

Fiverr Tags for gig ranking

4. Fiverr Gig Packages

In Fiverr, You can Setup 3 Different Gig Packages for your Buyers.

So You have to Offer the Best Packages because your Competitors are already established on Fiverr.

Use All of 3 Packages. Don’t Stop with 1 Package.

If you are a Beginner, I recommend decreasing your Package prices than your Competitors. But not for Very Low Prices. However Low Price will help you to get the first few Orders on Fiverr.

After you got establish on the Platform, you can increase your Gig Package Prices.

04. FAQ

FAQ Section Simply Helps SEO of Gig.

Add Three or four FAQs & include Your Main Keyword to them.

These FAQs help buyers to understand service well.

05. Fiverr Gig Images

You can add a Maximum of 3 images to a gig if you’re a beginner. Use it Wisely.

  • Main Gig Image which introduce Service.
  • Proofs of Service

Also, Use Recommended Size for Gig Images. It will help load faster your Gig images & display them Correctly.

SEO them Correctly by adding Metadata to your Fiverr Gig Images.

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