Hi, I am Thamindu

I am the Founder & Author of World3sixty. I try my best to Write & Publish about recent News & Updates of Modern Technology. Also I am writing content about freelancing through my experiences.

More About Me

I am From Matara which located in Down South of Srilanka. If you’re a traveller you’ll defineatly know about downsouth of srilanka. 

Since My Childhood, I spent a lot of time infront of my computer. Actually not doing worthy works. Playing Games is my favourite Hobby since i was a child. Through this pathway I am actually addicted to learn & find about Computers, New Technologies etc. 

As a Result of that I became a parttime entrepreneur. Why not full time ??? Because I also done my studying works well & got selected to the Medical Facuilty. So I am going to be a Fulltime doctor.

I increased my Knowledge about Computers, Technologies by reading blogs,forums & watching Videos on youtube. Now I am trying my best to Create content from My Knowledgr & Publish them through My website.

I am usually speaks English & Sinhala. I am 24 Hours avaliable to Contact. Leave me a Simple Note If you have an any question about my contents or technology. I am here to support you. 

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